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Kitchen Cabinet Painting

kitchen cabinet painting

Top-Notch Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Looking for exceptional kitchen cabinet painting service in Melbourne that is hassle-free and economical?

Then Right on Painting is the best company for you! With years of experience in the painting industry, our specialist painters are capable of handling all types of kitchen cabinet painting, big or small. Our focus is on high attention-to-detail, quality service, and 100% customer satisfaction. 

Painting kitchen cabinets is a cost-effective alternative to buying new cabinets. The right kind of paint, along with the correct painting technique, can give an extraordinary look to your kitchen cabinets. 

To know more about our kitchen cabinet painting services, call us today at 0412468872

Premium Kitchen Door Paint

The door is the first thing that anyone notices while entering the kitchen. Painting the kitchen door with vibrant colours can get rid of the monotonous look and give you a good feeling about your kitchen space. But along with choosing the right colour and texture, it is very essential to choose the correct type of kitchen door paint that can withstand everyday wear and tear. Also, before any kitchen cabinet painting job, it is very important to prep the material surface for a beautiful finish.
Our well-trained and professional painters can recommend the correct kitchen door paint for you, no matter the material and style of the door. Additionally, they work with you to decide the best colour hues and tints that can make your kitchen door look modern and attractive. Right from prepping the cabinet or door surface to applying the paint to giving the desired finish, our painters believe only in excellent results.

Why choose us?

  • High-quality kitchen door paint.

  • Wide variety of colours and textures.

  • Hi-tech tools and techniques for seamless paint jobs.

  • Customised services to suit every budget.

  • Economical pricing.

  • Fast turnaround time.


To discuss your next kitchen cabinet painting project, call us today at 0412468872

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kitchen door paint
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